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What is a bad credit loan?

There are many consumers today who have gotten a bad credit status due to their credit history. With traditional lenders, it can be complicated or nearly impossible to be accepted for a loan if you have bad credit. When you send a request to us at Real Loans, you’ll find out if you can get quick cash even with a bad credit score.

How do they work – bad credit loans?

Online bad credit loans are available from certain online lenders. We will help you find a trusted lender when you send us your submission form. Fill it in anytime of the day or night and send it to us. We will send your request for a loan out to our personal list of lenders. When a lender agrees to prepare a loan for you, you’ll get a loan offer to sign. After signing it, the lender will prepare your money. You can get your cash and spend it without restrictions of any sort.

Am I able to get an additional bad credit loan, considering that I already have one?

The best and fastest way to find out if you are eligible for a second bad credit loan is by sending us your loan request. Give us a chance to distribute that to our list of lenders, and you should find out very quickly if you can get an additional loan. This can also depend on the laws in the state where you live.

Do you think I can refinance my bad credit loan?

It can be possible to refinance an online personal loan. To get specific answers and details, speak directly with your lender.

What types of documents will be required to process a bad credit loan?

This list can vary according to the state where you reside and your lender’s requests, but typically you can expect to provide the following: • State ID • Active bank account • Proof of monthly income • Working email address • Proof of age – you must be a least 18 If more information or documentation is needed, your lender will inform you.

What’s the best way to make my payments on a bad credit loan?

Your lender will let you know how to make your payment, but if you have more questions, you can ask your lender directly. Most lenders, but not all, offer a few payment options. The easiest for everyone is if you can set up a direct withdrawal schedule through your bank account. There are some lenders, however, who insist on cash payments at a storefront in your locality. The important thing is that no matter what method you use, make sure it’s paid on time.

I am worried I might miss a payment on my bad credit loan. If that happens, what should I do?

As soon as you realize you’ve missed a payment, contact your lender to negotiate an arrangement. Keep in mind that even after arranging to make up the missed payment, you will most likely be responsible for a late payment fee as well.

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